Friday, 5 February 2010

Just want to clear something.

Hey guys Hana here, I just want to clear something about the theme of Urban because there is a lot of drama about it saying that Urban copied the theme of Recherche.

Haus of Sin published the spoiler of Urban (with the woods, magic theme) thursday, and The stardoll freak show published the spoiler of Recherche friday, so how were we supposed to know that Recherche was going to have the same theme? That means that Urban didn't copy. And I don't say either that Recherche did, we only had the same idea and I accept it because these two magazines are different.



  1. Okay!
    I think your ideas are KINDA different anyways.

  2. I agree (:
    Magazines are a way of expressing creativity on stardoll. No big deal if we have the same theme.
    & we definately didn't copy because Hana and I chose the theme together. (:

  3. Its the other way around!
    Our spoiler was out first!

  4. Exactly our spoiler was out first!